Reservations, Parties, and Events

If you are looking for a casual spot to plan your next office get-together, birthday party, or family gathering, we would love to host you.  On a day that we are closed to the public, you can rent our facility for a private event. During our regular hours, you can reserve tables for your group at no charge. Please use the contact form below to check availability or to ask any questions about events. You can also reach us at

Thursday: 3 – 10 pm
Friday: 3 – 10 pm
Saturday: noon – 10 pm
Sunday: noon – 8 pm


Yes, you can reserve tables during our regular hours at no charge. We’ll only reserve up to half of our covered seating at any time for parties to ensure we still have enough seating for walk-ins. We can’t hold any tables for you that aren’t being used as seating for your group. Commercial events and fundraisers are not allowed during our regular hours. To check availability for a reservation for your group, please use above contact form or email

We assume that reservations are for 2 hours or less. If you need additional time, let us know ahead of time and we will try to accommodate.

We never close our doors to our regular guests during our regular hours (Thurs/Fri 3pm-10 pm, Sat noon-10 pm, Sun noon-8pm). Outside of those hours, you can rent our facility for a fee staring at $450 for an all private event. Please contact for details.

During our regular hours, we don’t rent any private rooms. If you are reserving some tables, you can decide between: the main tap room, the open beer garden, our game room, and the party porch. None of them can be totally closed off to other traffic. The main tap room seats about 85 people, the beer garden seats 200+, the game room seats about 10 people, and the party porch seats about 60 people. The beer garden is the open area out back. There is no rain cover. The party porch is an unconditioned, but fully enclosed space, i.e. you are safe in case of rain / bad weather.

You cannot book an entire room or space, but if you have a preference on where your reserved tables are located, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate.

Yes, you can. We are happy to accommodate rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, and receptions if they don’t conflict with our day-to-day business. We don’t charge you extra just because you mention the word “wedding”. We are a great spot for the casual couple that is looking for a low cost option for their small wedding. But, with that being said: we are probably not the right place if you are looking for a traditional, all-private wedding space with white linens, plated dinner, and dancing to a DJ all night long.

In addition to our tasty beers, we serve a variety of wine, cider, mead, soda, juice, lemonade, iced tea, coffee, … and we even have juice boxes for kids. We don’t serve any hard liquor. All beverages must be purchased from us. For our beverage menu, please click here.

We don’t offer any packages, you just pay for what you consume. However, you can run a tab for your party, or give tickets for certain beverages to your guests (see details below).

Kegs can be purchased by private individuals (non-liquor license holders) directly from the brewery. This is for off-premise consumption only, i.e. a party at your house. Beer cannot be purchased by the keg and consumed in our taproom or beergarden.

We don’t have a kitchen, but we usually have a food truck in our parking lot during peak hours. You are welcome to grab a bite from the food truck and bring it into the taproom / beergarden. You can find the full food truck schedule here. If the food truck’s offering is not to your liking, you can also bring food from home or order in delivery. You are not allowed to bring in any beverages.

Within the guidelines: Since we don’t have a kitchen, we allow customers to bring in their own food.

During our main hours, we always have a food truck on site and recommend you utilize the food truck of the day for the freshest offerings. You can find a food truck schedule here. Our food trucks partners are always happy to work with you to “cater” your party.

Please be aware that we can’t provide and plates, silverware, or serving ware. If you choose to work with a caterer, need additional space to set up your food, or have any other requirements, please check with us before placing your reservation. We will try to accommodate, if possible.
Any food you bring needs to be fully prepared for consumption. You are not allowed to cook or prepare on site. This includes, but not limited to: popcorn/cotton candy machines, smores, grills, candy or ice cream bars. Please refrain from bringing sprinkles, caramel, caramel coated popcorn, blue or otherwise intensely colored icing.

Because we don’t have a kitchen, you may work with any licensed caterer to provide food for your party. As a first stop, we recommend working with one of our regular food trucks. They will be happy to work with you on “catering” your event and will be able to provide the freshest option for you.

If the food truck isn’t what you are looking for, we can send you a list of recommended caterers that know our facility well and provide great food and service.

In any case, before booking a caterer, please have the caterer check with us to ensure we can provide the space and amenities they would need. Caterers are not allowed to cook on site. They need to bring only fully prepared foods. Any space requirements for catering need to be discussed before placing your reservation.

Generally, we don’t charge a fee for you to bring in a caterer. If you require a lot of additional space for setup & service, a fee may apply.

Yes. Large groups may be allowed to have a tent setup by a professional tent installation company. Riggs will not cover any cost or permits. All tent requests need to be discussed with and confirmed by Riggs prior to placing your reservation for the event.

Within the guidelines: You can decorate in your designated area.

You cannot set signage outside your designated area / by the road / by the front door.

All decorations must be family friendly and easily removable. They also need to be easy to clean up (no confetti, glitter, or confetti/glitter filled balloons allowed).

You are not allowed to tape, tie or otherwise attach anything to walls, furniture, windows, etc.

You can use candles if they are in a fireproof container such as a glass or metal lantern.

Balloons on balloon weights, table runners, or small centerpieces have worked well in the past.

You will be held responsible for any damage to furniture or walls caused by your decorations.

You cannot blow up balloons on site, arrange flowers for bouquets, … All decorations must be brought in ready to be used.

When placing your reservation, please discuss any set-up time you may need with Riggs. We will need to make sure the space is available prior to your guests arrival for setup. For example, if you place a reservation for 6 pm, we may have another group in the space all the way until 6 pm unless otherwise agreed upon.

We will ensure that your tables are cleaned off and ready for you at the discussed time. If you come in before the agreed upon time, your tables may still be in use by other customers. If you are working with a caterer, or want a family member to come in and decorate / set up early, please make them aware of the restrictions.

We will hold your reservation for 15 minutes past the agreed upon time. If you are running late, please call the taproom immediately, so we can adjust your reservation. You can reach us at 217-718-5345.

No. We are not event planners, caterers, or professional decorators. Because our fees are either extremely low or non-existent, we don’t provide much in the way of event planning. We’d be happy to give recommendations for event planners, caterers, florists, and other companies that we’ve successfully worked with in the past. We’d also be happy to coordinate with your contractors to make sure they have all the amenities they need / confirm that they comply with our rules.

There is no fee to reserve a couple of tables during our regular hours. If you have not claimed your table within 15 minutes of the agreed upon time, we consider your reservation void and will not hold your table any longer. If you are running late, call the tap room at 217-718-5345. Your tables will be ready at the reserved time, but no sooner.

Please contact Riggs right away. With enough lead time, we usually don’t incur any costs and can cancel your event without a charge. If you need to cancel your event / reservation on short notice, please call the taproom at 217-718-5345.

We will provide all tables and chairs / benches for your party. If you need any side tables (for gifts / food setup) or would like us to move any tables, please let us know when placing your reservation and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate.

If you need any electric outlets, please let us know ahead of time.

For all-private events, you may plug into our sound system (inside only). We can also provide a projector, microphone and speaker. However, we can only allow use of our equipment if it will not be disturbing to our regular customers. Customers will be held liable for any damage to the equipment.

Probably not. For a private event we may be able to work with you. But during our regular hours, we don’t allow any music to be brought in.

Yes, we provide free Wi-Fi in our tap room. You can use it during your event. Please be conscious of volume levels and other things that could disturb other customers. 

Maybe. For a private event when we’re normally closed, the facility is yours and you can use it for whichever purpose you choose (within the guidelines).

If you reserve tables during our regular hours, you are not allowed to sell anything, or put up any corporate or political signage. Simply put, we don’t want our regular customers to be exposed to commercial or political pressure in our facility.

Yes, we’d be happy to offer brewery tours for your group. If you would like to include a tasting of all our beers, we charge $10/person.

Since your tour will be just for your group, we can make it as long or as short as you want. A good group size for a tour is about 15 people.

Please discuss any requests for tours with us before placing your reservation, as we don’t always have tour guides on standby.

Probably not. During our regular hours, please don’t bring large toys, sparklers, chalk, … Please don’t bring any paint, glitter, or confetti. No pumpkin carving, smores making, flower arranging, or paint ball! Please discuss anything out of the ordinary when making your reservation.

If you have booked our facility for a private event, please check on an individual basis. Insurance requirements need to be met and Riggs’ approval is necessary. Please check with Riggs beforehand.

Maybe. We have several outlets throughout our facility and beer garden and we usually don’t mind letting you use them. If you know you will need access to an outlet / extension cords ahead of time, please let us know to ensure feasibility.

Yes, kids are welcome while accompanied by an adult. In the summer, they can enjoy the playground in our beer garden. We even offer juice boxes, lemonade, etc. to accommodate your little one’s thirst.

Children need to be supervised at times. 

Yes, kids are welcome, but always need to be supervised by an adult. Although our beer garden gives kids a lot of room to run around, be aware that our facilities are not kid proof. Children of all ages need to be closely watched by their parents. Parents will be held liable for any damage to the property caused by their children.

We have a playground for smaller children and some board games for older ones. 
Smaller children easily get bored and may need additional entertainment. We ask parents to ensure that kids don’t use features of our beer garden that aren’t intended for child play. Those include: bags games, our cats, the fire pit, flower beds, water faucets, trees … Parents will be held liable for any damage caused to these items.

Parents are welcome to bring additional toys. Please refrain from bringing anything that other parents may not like (think water guns, face paint), or items that are hard to clean up (play-dough, glitter, stickers, paint, silly string).

Kids (and adults) are not allowed to ride bikes, scooters, or similar items in the beergarden or around the parking lot.

Dogs, or other pets, unless they are documented service animals, are not allowed inside the taproom. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome in our beergarden. There is a gate on the South side of the building to allow you direct access to the beergarden.

Be sure to give your dog the heads up about the Riggs cats that get to roam our beer garden freely.

Uber and other local cab companies offer service to our facility. Fees to get from Riggs Beer Company to downtown Urbana or Champaign are about $15. You can leave your car here overnight. We only tow cars that are left for extended periods of time.

No. We don’t have an ATM on site, but we do take all credit and debit cards. Some of our food trucks are cash-only, so please check our website in case you plan on buying food from them.

The production side of our brewery is usually locked. But if you want to use it as a backdrop for pictures, and we’re not too busy, we’d be happy to give you supervised access. It makes for some great photos.

Riggs Beer Company closes at 10 pm (8 on Sundays). A few minutes prior to 10 pm, we do last call. If you would like us to open early or stay open later, please contact us and we can figure out a solution on a case by case basis.

We will clean the facilities, glassware, and can dispose of your trash.

We require you to take all your personal belongings with you and require that all vendors clean up before they leave.

We cannot store items for caterers.

We also require you clean up any decorations you may have set out. Please don’t bring anything that will require unusual cleanup (glitter, confetti, confetti filled balloons, colored icing and sprinkles…) and please be aware that you are liable for all damage to our furniture and property, whether caused by you, your guests, or your vendors.

Yes, absolutely. You can cover the entire tab for your group. You just need to leave a credit / debit card at the bar before the start of your event. Riggs can provide wrist bands to identify your group.

If you want to place any limit regarding the total dollar amount, want to limit the selection to certain beverages, or limit the time that your tab is open, be sure to let us know ahead of time.

Your guests will still be required to provide an ID to confirm they are of drinking age before being served alcoholic beverages.

If you only want to buy the first round or a certain amount of drinks, a ticket system works well.

You simply need to buy a roll of stock tickets or print a ticket specific to your event. You would then hand out those tickets out to your own guests.

Before the start of the event, you’d leave a card with our bar staff and provide them with a sample of the tickets you’ll be using.

Throughout the event, your guests bring those tickets to the bar and trade them for a beverage. We record which beverages they “bought” with the ticket.

At the end of the night we add up the tickets / beverages and charge you only for what was consumed.

This gives you the advantage of being able to give three tickets to your best friend, but only one to your crazy Uncle Rob.

And, if a guest forgets the ticket in their pocket, we will not charge you.

Our insurance / permits cover our day-to-day business. If you are looking to set up a water slide, a tent, a grill, or plan to do anything else that is out of the ordinary, please check with us ahead of time for insurance / permit requirements.