Jan 04 2024


All Day

Seasonal Beer Release: Dunkel Lager

Today, we’ll be releasing our Dunkel Lager.
Dunkel Lagers originate from Munich, where they’ve been brewed for over 900 years. They are possibly the best example of a beer style that showcases a single ingredient, in this case: Munich Barley Malt. The hops and yeast definitely play minor supporting roles in this beer.
While some modern examples of Dunkel use roasted or caramel malts, we brewed ours exclusively with Munich Malt. Subtle aromas of freshly toasted bread give way to a rich malt flavor and a characteristically balanced, lager finish.
In order to achieve the deeply layered, yet incredibly clean malt depth that the style is known for, we employed a double-decoction mash for this beer. As with all Riggs Lagers, we gave this beer the traditional German Lager treatment: precise dosing of fresh lager yeast along with a very slow and cold fermentation schedule.
And just like all other Riggs Beers, our Dunkel Lager was brewed exclusively with grain, water, hops, and yeast. Our beers are never filtered, clarified, pasteurized, or dosed with any type of process aid.
ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 18
Grain: Munich (Type I and II)
Boil Hops: Magnum, Mittelfruh, Hersbrucker

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