Apr 04 2024


All Day

Seasonal Beer Release: Maibock

Today, we’re releasing April’s seasonal beer: Maibock.
Maibock is a strong, springtime German Lager. Don’t let its pale gold color fool you, this is a big beer. German hops bring floral and herbal aromas. A decoction mash provides a honey cracker malt backbone. The long, cold German Lager fermentation does a great job of hiding this beer’s strength and imparts just a hint of ripe melon.
For this year’s Maibock, we decided to use some of our farm’s six-row barley. Our “Lacey” barley contributes to its trademark subtle nuttyness that actually plays nicely alongside the German Pilsner malt.
Celebrate the coming of spring like a German….. Drink Maibock!
ABV: 7.2%
IBUs: 22
Grain: German Pilsner, Riggs Grown 6 Row, Munich
Boil Hops: Magnum, Mittelfruh, Hersbrucker

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