Mar 10 2022


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Beer Release: Riggs Illinois Kölsch

March’s seasonal beer, Illinois Kölsch, will be released today in kegs and cans.
For 5 years now, we’ve been brewing the state’s only 100% locally grown beer.
Kölsch is a light and pale German Ale that is known for its drinkability and light fruitiness. Our use of Riggs grown, 6 Row Barley malt helps to give this low ABV beer just the right amount of body and beer flavor. It’s kind of like drinking a light beer that still tastes like beer!
Illinois Kölsch is hazier than its German counterpart. But we’re pretty sure that Honest Abe would have liked it that way.
Illinois Kölsch Stats
ABV: 4.7%
IBU: 17
Grain: 100% Riggs-grown 6 Row Malted Barley and Pale Malted Wheat
Boil Hops: 100% Hallowed Hops-grown Cascade and Crystal hops

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