Brewery tour:

We're very sorry, but at this time we don't deem it safe to resume brewery tours and have canceled all upcoming tour dates. We'll publish on our social media and website as soon as we are able to resume tours.
We will honor all tour vouchers, even past their expiration date. So don't worry about expiration.
Or, if you don't want to wait, you can come to the taproom & beergarden during our taproom hours and redeem your voucher for a sampling of all beers.

Special Events & Reservations:

Our taproom and Beer Garden host a multitude of special events such as Oktoberfest, weddings, board game nights, live music, drone races and more. For details on Riggs scheduled special events, please see the calendar below. To place a reservation or to get more information about private events, please email events@riggsbeer.com.


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  • Live Music: Live Thru Wednesday

    Live Music: Live Thru Wednesday

    6:00 PM-8:00 PM

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    LTW is a local Rock/Reggae/Ska band playing a mix of originals and covers. Band members include:

    Vocals and Guitar: Caleb Seripinas
    Bass, Harmonica and Back-up Vocals: John Seripinas
    Percussion: Michael Burke

    No cover charge. Musicians play for tips.

  • Live Music: Jerod Bolt

    Live Music: Jerod Bolt

    5:30 PM-8:30 PM

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    Jerod Bolt, born on April 17, 1984, is an American Country Music Artist from Midwest Indiana. Embraced on a journey that so many follow, defined in country music, and a platform for which he stands, has given him the opportunity to tell timeless stories enlaced with hard ship and triumph. If you haven’t yet heard the name Jerod Bolt, chances are, you will hear the name eventually as someone to keep your eye closely on!

    In fall of 2016, Bolt gave a his first featured performance at Valparaiso University that landed him a spot in the Northwest Indiana Entertainment Magazine. Embraced by the local and regional radio, Jerod has made 5 radio talk show appearances that gained him even more followers and buzz that circulated in the area. Adding to the momentum and the force behind the music, Bolt would go on to win the 2018 Entertainer award of the Indy 500 Marathon.

    “When you have a catalog that holds over a 100 songs that consists of a handful of co-writes and long hours in a private room, eventually a song presents itself,” he says, and that’s exactly what happened with a song titled “One Prayer Away.” It’s a gripping and true story based on a friend who Bolt served with in the Marines back in 2011, who was engaged and pinned down in a 15 hour long fire fight in Fallujah, Iraq. Jerod was invited to Nashville Weekly Entertainment to present the song and to discuss the song.

    In spring of 2018, Jerod was invited to open for Lee Greenwood making it his first major direct supporting role ever. With his previous background and dedication to serving others, supporting roles to national acts such as John Rich, Brantley Gilbert, and Jason Michael Carrol, he would see first hand the music business and the impact music has to a wider scale audience.

    Playing amongst his Nashville peers, Bolt has shared the stages twice at the CMA festivals in downtown Nashville in both 2018 and 2019, reaching more and more new listeners that are captivated by his versatility and high energy performances. “Music is a gift and so I made it my job to go out and perform 150% because the music deserves it,” Bolt says.

    Bolt began his musical pursuit at a very early age. “My family is very very musically induced and it seems like everyone plays an instrument or sings,” he says, “so for me I remember as early as 4 years old, grabbing my Grandma’s candle sticks and singing to her on their fire place mantle, that was my stage.” At age 6, Bolt was introduced to country. “My dad was a farmer so obviously country music filled the ambience of my upbringing.” “I remember him showing me how to drive a tractor when I was around 7 while pulling out a fence line, and the radio on board was playing “Love Without End, Amen” by George Strait, it was then that my love for country music started.” His mother, a church secretary in the church he grew up in, influenced Bolt in the gospel genre and modern Christian music and participated in church choirs. In his teenage years, Bolt experienced the rawness and malice beat of rock n’ roll. “When I was in 6th grade, a friend let me listen to Metallica for the first time and I felt like my whole world was blown away,” Bolt says. With the influence to start a band, at age 15, he picked a pair of sticks and started a band called “Blackout” with some friends from high school. “Me and my friends at the time, would sit and write songs around guitar riffs and record them on a digital software recorder,” Bolt says, “We played live all over from Chicago, to parts of Indiana and even opening for bigger bands,” Bolt says, “and the funny thing is we were just kids walking into these venues and seeing these bigger guys, it was a little scary.” As time went going into his early adult years, Bolt decided it was time for a change. “My dream was to write and play my own songs and you can’t do that with a drum kit.” “My best friend to this day, taught me some basic stuff and off I went.” Performing in church as a worship leader, open mics and small city cafes, he would soon take it a step further and find himself in Music City, Nashville Tn where he began co-writing and building relationships that has earned him favor with those in the music industry.

    “I’m always trying to push myself farther and farther, vocally and lyrically, because I constantly find room to grow. I see how my songs resonate with people, because they’re honest. It’s extraordinary to me, the stories of people of whom I’ve never met, because a song I played, provoked positive and open minded thinking. It’s become my mission, it’s why I do what I do, and I see that more than ever now!”

    No cover charge. Musicians play for tips.

  • Live Music: The Rives Brothers

    Live Music: The Rives Brothers

    6:00 PM-8:00 PM

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    Playing a variety of originals and cover songs ranging from classic rock to indie folk. The Rives Brothers play an eclectic mix of songs to please all ages.

    No cover charge. Musicians play for tips.

  • Seasonal Beer Release: Oktoberfest

    Seasonal Beer Release: Oktoberfest

    3:00 PM-10:00 PM

    On September 17th, we’ll be releasing September’s Seasonal Beer: Oktoberfest

    With Special Catering by Blue Dragonfly Catering from 5-8 pm. More details to follow.

  • Live Music: Mid-October

    Live Music: Mid-October

    6:00 PM-8:00 PM

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    1901 S High Cross Rd, Urbana, Illinois, USA

    Mid-October, a pop-folk duo, based out of Urbana, IL, is the partnership between Jonathon Parrish and Therese Brown. The two met while putting together a band in Jonathon’s garage. For him it was love at first sight. For Therese, not so much. Through persistence and determination, from the beginning of that summer to the middle of October, Jonathon finally had changed her mind. She had fallen for him. After that, they paired their musical talents together and with beautiful, well-blended harmonies and fantastically written original love songs, are playing venues all over Illinois. They hope to remind their audiences that true passion and love can come from the heart and be put into music.

    No cover charge. Musicians play for tips.